Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stand Up Comedy Night 2013

Troy and I are on a health kick*.

We had been doing really well..but then came the plateau. As I was researching, I found the following chart.

Stand Up Comedy Night 2013.

First, I bought streamers and balloons to set the stage. 

Next, I picked up crazy straws and overly sized glasses.

And, let's be honest, no party is complete without Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

We took turns telling jokes, 

And participated in some intense Tail Pinning. 

By the end of the night we were the epitome of health.  

*Actually, it's more like a "Treanor-style-health-kick." We tend to do things our own way. 

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Kate said...

You guys are like adorable to the MAX! I'm glad you're bringing your blog back :)