Sunday, January 23, 2011

Every night is date night when you live with your best friend.

People often wonder...what does a Saturday night look like at the Treanor household? Well, wonder no longer my friends. 

First up, a trip to the Cocoa Bean, where we bought one of every flavor of cupcake. Apparently when you buy that many, they give you one for free. Thus, the doubles of Raspberry Chocolate Cream Cheese (yeah, raspberry, chocolate, AND cream cheese together. I know right?)

Next up, a little roulette. We played until Troy broke the bank by winning ALL the chips we own. If I was a gambling woman I'd say its about time he gets released into a real casino. Want to challenge him? Just let me know. I'll buy a big bag of Skittles to bet with and let the games begin. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011


One of my goals this year was to work out at least 4 times a week.  Doesn't sound too hard, but secretly I just wanted to have a resolution that I thought I could actually keep for a whole year so hopefully was it.

So far I've been really good about it. I have done my Pilates like clockwork. However, I tend to get bored pretty easy and after three weeks of Pilates I thought I should switch it up. Since its still freezing enough outside that I didn't want to go running, I tried looking for another alternative.

 Enter Nike Training Club app

Ever since Troy got his new iPhone, we've been having a good time browsing through some of the apps available. I found this bad boy and got it on my iPod. Yesterday I  thought I would actually try one of these workouts. I flipped through some of the options and they didn't look too hard. I actually thought I might have to do something else on top of this because I would feel like I was cheating on my resolution. 

I was wrong. 

Lets just say about ten minutes in I was already gasping for air...on the beginner level, mind you. I finished the thirty minute workout and my legs were shaking. I was sore ALL day yesterday. From a 30 minute iPod work out! Ridiculous. Last night I kept waking up in my sleep because it now takes a conscious effort just to turn over or move my legs at all. I feel like a complete grandma. Troy had to literally help me get out of bed this morning. 

The point is, if you want a good work out and own an iPod...this will definitely do the trick. I highly recommend it. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Speed Racer

I love my car. I really do. We go way back. It's a funny looking thing, but at least its my funny looking thing. That car has served me well. However, that car likes the sun (Can you see the resemblance?).  Poor car just does not do well in the cold. My lovely husband does his best to make us both feel better about the fact that we live in freezing temperatures, but sometimes the car just can't take it. 

For the past few weeks, my car battery has been dead. We didn't want to replace it before the holidays because we knew it would just sit there for a week while we were gone and would probably die again. Thus, last Saturday Troy spent the morning replacing my battery for me. (What would I do without him yeah?) This week I've been driving EVERYWHERE. It's like I just got my license again. I've done so many errands and been infinitely more productive. In fact, the Social Security office even knows I'm a Treanor now. 

Today I was heading to Target to get some organizational things...since I'm finally unpacking our room (we've only been married 8 months, thats not too bad right?). I was making a right turn when I noticed my car was getting pushed forward. Quite the strange feeling. I was braking for the light and managed to slow down enough to turn but once I straightened out, off I went. My car just kept accelerating. Luckily, no one was in front of me and I managed to pull off the road into some neighborhood. I pushed the brake super hard and the car stopped so I threw it in park (Was that the right thing to do? I don't even know). My car was parked and the engine was STILL revving. Like loud revving. So I just turned it off. 

I called Troy and he knew what it was immediately. He asked me something about a throttle line but then just decided to come see for himself. I don't know how he knew what it was but thankfully, my car worked fine for the rest of the day. I decided it was my car's way of telling me its time to be warm again. Which I agree with. Just a few more months little buddy.

In other news...

...I'm now an official graduate of BYU!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Snack of Champions

Today I went to the cupboard to make some lunch, and this is what I noticed....

We have a lot of Cheez-its. Some might even argue, too many Cheez-its. I, however, would have to disagree because you can never have too many Cheez-its. Plus, these are all different kinds of Cheez-its, so in a way, its almost necessary to have this many.

Some people may have been confused by the Cheez-it cake at our wedding...

...but hopefully now it makes more sense.

feliz cumpleanos a ti...

Troy Boy turned 25* last week. I got up extra early to try to surprise him with some French Toast, but I'm starting to believe I'll never be able to surprise him the morning. He gets up so early. I was already cooking the French Toast before he woke up though so it still counts right?

After breakfast and presents, Troy was off to work while I attempted to make a cake (my first cake I've ever made that didn't originate froma box). After work, we got some sushi for dinner, his personal fave. We really love our sushi place. I don't think we'll ever find a better place. After dinner we headed home for cake.

Mike and Mandy came over to celebrate with us. They got to stay for a while since Leanna was with a babysitter. We missed seeing her but it was nice to get to catch up with them!

Overall I think it was a pretty fun day. Also, Troy got a Jetboil so be expecting lots of camping trips this summer. Hopefully I'll become a better camper one day.

Happy birthday Monk! I love thee super much!

*25 = a quarter century, just saying.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

...This post isn't that late considering we still have a Christmas tree in our living room...

Troy and I spent Christmas in Vegas this year. My grandma, who can't move around very well, was staying with us so we spent most of the time just hanging around the house, watching movies, and playing games. Troy and I did get to play the 2nd annual Christmas frolf game though. I'm pretty sure I won, duh. Also we ate a lot of bagel sandwiches and are now searching for a place that sells good bagels in Utah...which apparently doesn't exist.

After Christmas, we headed off to California. Troy's brother Kenny was geting married in San Diego so his family was all going to be there for that. Also, for my birthday, Troy got me two of these bad boys
and we were pretty excited to use them finally! Basically it includes 3 days at Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World AND the Zoo. Best. Gift. Ever.

We left Vegas Monday morning and went straight to Universal Studios. It was PACKED. Neither one of us had been there before but I'm not sure we were all that impressed. We only got to do 2 rides the whole day...but we did really enjoy the ones we did.

Clearly Troy particularly enjoyed Jurassic Park.

That night we met up with Troy's family and got to stay at a swanky hotel with them. The next day we all went to Disneyland together and had such a great time! It was busy but I think we did a pretty good job at making sure we did everything. That night, we introduced Kyle and Olivia to beignets, which I'm sure they are eternally grateful for. We saw the fireworks and stayed pretty much all day. We did awesome, lets just put it that way.

Wednesday was the wedding. It was raining and freezing which was kind of a bummer but it ended up ok. The sun came out for a bit while they were taking pictures so that was good. Courtnie looked beautiful and we were so excited to be able to see their sealing! Right after we left the temple, we went to Blue Water to get some famous fish tacos and then headed to the reception. Troy danced with me even though he wasn't feeling well so I call it a success.

Thursday, Troy's family left because they had to get to Idaho to drop Corinne and Olivia off for school in Rexburg. It was sad to see them go but we enjoyed the time we had with them. That day we drove down to San Diego and went to Sea World. We saw all the shows and got to feed the sea lions (my favorite thing EVER). Sea lions are hysterical. Thats all there is to it.

I seriously love Sea World. While we were in San Diego, my cousin Sally and her husband Eter let us stay with them for a few days. That night we went to dinner with them at this awesome little Mexican restaurant. Loved it. I wish I had taken pictures though. The food and company was great. We got to catch up with them and hear about their cute little baby thats on the way.

The next day we went to the zoo. We were getting a little tired of walking around all day, every day (clearly we are not pioneers), so we made this our rest day. I think our favorite thing was laughing at the monkeys. All monkeys are funny. Its just a rule of nature or something. Troy was super excited to see the hippos as well, but naturally the hippo was sleeping. We did have a panther come talk to us though and we danced with a sloth bear. It was a pretty epic zoo trip now that I think about it.

After leaving the zoo, we headed to Seaport Village, one of my favorite places in San Diego. We ate some pizza and walked around the shops. Troy got me some cute decorations for our little aparment. Oh, we also got Ben & Jerry's as a fancy chocolate-dipped cone. No big deal. Zoo day also happened to New Years Eve. We were trying to stay awake so we went and saw the movie True Grit after shopping. We both really liked it. After that we went back to Sally's and watched the Twilight Zone marathon with her and Eter. Troy and I are lame though and fell asleep 15 minutes before midnight. We both knew it was bound to happen. Maybe next year?

We spent New Years back in Anaheim...and it was EMPTY. We started at California Adventure and got to do Tower of Terror five minutes. Empty, I tell you. We finished up all the rides we wanted to do there and then went back to Disneyland. We basically did all the rides again, just in a shorter amount of time. We were done around 5 so we decided to just drive back to Vegas. We spent the night with my family and left early Sunday morning to come back to Utah. It was a really busy vacation but super fun too.