Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Camping

If you are not familiar with the weekend of General Conference and how things go down here in Utah let me inform you. First off, many people from the greater provo area will tell you that this place is zion, mainly because of the mountains and because "This is the place" where BYU was established. Please do not believe these people. Whoever created the layout of the city did not do so with car traffic in mind.

The Friday before General Conference is a perfect example of this. You see, every male over the age of 21 who has served a mission will be attending a mission reunion on this day. Also BYU and Utah State play football this Friday so that both players and fans alike can watch all sessions of conference (chances that actually happens: 0%). So with all this traffic, it is a headache to go anywhere.

Luckily Alex and I decided that we were going to go on our first ever FAMILY CAMPING TRIP! Hello awesome.

After scouting out a few places (AKA talking with some people who know places to camp) we decided that we would head out towards the booming city of Heber. We got the car packed with everything that we needed and made our way to the camp area. Here is a picture of the drive:

I think that is Deer Creek, but don't quote me on that because I am not 100% familiar with places in Utah.

Because the sun was going down and we wanted some light so that we could set up camp, make a fire, and get dinner ready, we decided to stop at Deer Creek State Park instead of continuing to our original destination. It was a nice little place, and wasn't too packed because of all the festivities going on in the city.

Our campsite. Pretty nice stuff.

We were able to get everything set up super quick. Alex seems to have a natural radar for perfect fire material and was super helpful in getting that going. She was also able to partake in the joys of hotdogs roasted over an open fire and real s'mores instead of the microwaved kind. We were both a little restless and at 2 am played a game of war with a deck of cards.

Saturday morning. Yes it was 7 am.

All in all it was a fun experience. We got up the next morning, broke camp, and made our way home in time to make hot chocolate and french toast and sit down for the morning session of conference.

What a great weekend yeah?


Amy said...

I LOVE it You totally take me back, those are the best times! so fun to do things like that. Not that its not fun to take 6 camping! It is a bit easier with 2! Glad to see you are "really married" now with a blog! Can't wait to see all the adventures.

Jathan and Heather said...

My question is, and it's an obvious one, how did your tent get so crooked and slide off the tarp so far? Gotta love the reciƩn casados!