Friday, October 22, 2010

The Love Affair

They usually say that third wheels are awkward, but not in our family. You see, Alex has a friend who is going to Oregon State, so she decided that she would be a Beavers fan. That's cool and all, but I am certainly not a Beavers fan and have been trying to convert her to the Ducks for quite some time.

I finally found a way to accomplish this, and it came in the form of this beautiful YouTube clip:

I had already shown her another one where Puddles got in a fight with Houston Cougar's mascot. That had sparked her interest because as she noted, that duck had edge.

Totally dominated

But she was truly swayed when she saw the Return of the Quack. All I had to do was show this to Alex, and she was hooked. I returned home that night and was told that she had not only watched that video several times, but had also searched for other duck videos to enjoy. She stumbled upon a bunch of other good ones, but I still think that this one remains at the top of her favorites list.

Now it seems that every day when I get home there are new pictures of Puddles popping up everywhere from the background on her computer and phone, to our wall of pictures in our room.

I have never seen her so excited to watch a football game as she was last night when we watched UCLA fall to Oregon 60-13. She watched the whole thing, while i fell asleep (I'm not exactly 100% healthy right now, that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Anyways, I leave you with this parting image:

How can you not love that face?


Alex said...

just saying.

Brandon said...

Let me remind you of September 3, 2009- Oregon: 8. Boise State: 19. nuff said.

troytreanor said...

Let me remind you that LaGarrett Blount knocked the lights out of that Boise State player who was running his mouth. While parents everywhere were thinking to themselves how horrible that was, I was doubled over in laughter.

I could watch that a million times...

troytreanor said...

...and here's the link

Ira and Heather said...

I hope you can handle the TRUTH and don't CRY when your DUCKS lose. It is not safe Being Number 1 these last four weeks have not been kind to the other teams who were number 1. Your team is not going to make it to the title game. Sorry Troy but someone has to be honest with you.

troytreanor said...

Still going strong at number 1. Can't wait for that national championship game.