Monday, November 15, 2010

We Went to Hoover and All We Have to Show for it Are These Dam Pictures

I feel like I have been waiting 24 years to create a blog with that title. Dream finally come true.

This past weekend we went down to Vegas to visit with Alex's family. We left after work on Friday and made it down there Friday night. Saturday morning we got up and went to Hoover Dam (for you olde tymers, you may know it as Boulder Dam). Now I had never been previously and had really only seen the dam in movies, games, and this clip:

Needless to say I was inspired with all sorts of amazing quotes. It was a fun tour, and the place is massive. If you don't believe me just take a look:

The view from the newly constructed bridge.

Hello generators that produce power for everyone...

At the Nevada-Arizona border. You can tell that we are not used to seeing a ton of sun this time of year.


Amy said...

hahahaha, I love the title! That is our favorite part of the drive from AZ to UT is making up "dam jokes" the whole way through the dam. The kids are back in the back watching a movie and we crack ourselves up with the same old jokes every year. Good times! We have yet to stop for the tour though.

Kara said...

haha Alex... I love Dam jokes... they are pretty much my Dad's favorite jokes to tell!