Tuesday, February 15, 2011

THE Valentine's Day 2011

Now that I have a permanent Valentine, I think I could get used to this Valentine's Day thing.

Troy and I had a lovely dinner. I made Pecan Crusted Dijon Salmon on a bed of Rice Pilaf and Cajon Asparagus. With a fancy lemon granish, mind you. Feel free to be impressed. Troy surprised me with some candle sticks (and a basket full of V chocolates...oh boy!) that made our table look pretty.

After dinner was dessert. Lava cake with strawberries and ice cream. Just like the cruise. We'll definitely be making this one again. In fact we had 2 left over so I'll probably eat them again today. And then make another batch for the next day.

We had a pretty calm night. Troy let me watch The Notebook and I fell in love with the 1940s all over again. We went to bed pretty early but I think we both agreed that it was by far the best Valentine's Day ever.