Sunday, March 6, 2011

El Presidents Day

We're behind on the blog again. My bad. Brace yourself for some updates though.

Through some tricky planning, Troy happened to get President's Day off from work. Miracle yeah? We decided to take advantage of the situation and went down to Vegas for some time.

Friday, Olivia came down to Provo so we got to eat dinner with her and chat a while before heading off. Hopefully next time she comes we are able to see her for more than a few hours. We ended up leaving pretty late and the drive was cah-raaaazy. It was pouring the desert. Of course the second we got to the city the rain stopped though. We got to Vegas around 4:30 am Utah time. That was fun.

Saturday we took advantage of some warmer weather. First we went out to Valley of Fire to look around. We did a hike called Mouse Tank. Its the classic Valley of Fire hike.

Kritter apparently turned into a mountain goat some time over the last few months.

The hike has lots of heiroglyphs along the way. My personal fave...the snake dance glyph. I made Troy Boy go touch it so I could take a picture. Such a good husband. 

At the end of the hike you get to the actual "tank". The story goes that an outlaw used this area as a hideout because he knew there was water there. I've been here tons of times and never seen water but luckily due to the impressive rain storm the night before, there was actually water! You can kind of see it here. We threw some rocks in the water and it sounded pretty deep. Nice little swimming pool if you ask me. That Mouse was a smart man. 

After we left Valley of Fire we headed to St. Thomas. If you haven't heard of it before, its definitely worth your time to google this bad boy. Be sure its the one in Nevada and not the island though...although I wish we had gone to the island. I think this picture accurately describes our journey through St. Thomas...

The rain made things nice and muddy so we all had about 8 inches of mud on our shoes at all time. Nothing like journeying through the wilderness on 8 inch mud-platform shoes. 

We had so much fun just hanging out with family. Lately our visits to Vegas had been a bit hectic so it was nice to get to relax and do some fun things. 

I didn't have my camera with me but we also went to Bass Pro Shops and ate at this awesome new burger place. It was definitely a keeper. 

Don't be too jealous but also visited this little gem. Don't let the sign fool you though, they aren't really open 24 hours. 


Overall it was a great escape from the cold and snow. So grateful for my family! Especially family that lives in the sunshine. Thanks for letting us come visit!

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