Monday, September 5, 2011

Our New Adventure

Guess who is the newest member of the YSA 67th ward bishopric?


Yes, Troy and I are back in a Singles Ward. I'm convinced that we got sent back since we weren't very good at it the first time. The last two weeks have been filled with ward prayers, FHE activities, and opening socials. No signs of things slowing down any time soon either. Next week our FHE/social is going to be catered by Malawi Pizza (one of the benefits in being in the Belmont Condos singles ward I guess).  We're pretty excited to get to know everyone and participate in all the activities. Especially since we don't have to worry about the awkward aspects of a singles ward. It is pretty funny to be back though. I thought singles wards were funny when I was in one...well, its MUCH funnier the second time around. 

Also, this week I found out I'm getting a promotion(?) at work.  We're not really sure if its a promotion or not actually. I was told to hire someone to take my place. Then they told me I'm going to be the new accountant for the law firm. Considering I have zero knowledge of accounting, prayers are much appreciated. 


Jessica Morgan said...

haha. That is Awesome! I am slightly jealous that you get to enjoy watching the awkwardness of a singles ward. And Congrats on the maybe promotion!

Carrie said...

Are you serious?! I would die if Jeff got put in the Bishopric of a singles ward. That is hilarious. But really fun. Does everyone mistaken you as a single? And yes, congrats on your promotion!

Jeannine said...

Yeah, I'm ready for the blog posts on stories of single, rich, Belmont boys starting to hit on you. Haha that's hilarious that you're back! How did they find you?!

Also... accounting? Interesting... I never knew you had such a knack for it? Haha are you excited about it or are you getting the willies...?

Kylie said...

HAHA! That is SO awesome. You guys will be great.

Jathan and Heather said...

Hilarious! That husband of yours... so grown up! ;) Missed you guys over the weekend up in Bear Lake!