Saturday, September 24, 2011

Utah Marathon Relay 2011

In an effort to build "office culture" our office has started doing all kinds of random actvities. So far we've had the boat trip, the horse riding excursion, and the Utah Marathon Relay. Troy and I have been pretty busy so the only one I've been able to attend was the relay...go figure. Luckily, I'm currently training for a half marathon so I was actually a tiny bit excited about this one. 

We got there bright and early. Don't even ask what time Troy and I had to get up that day. It was definitely not a Saturday appropriate wake up time. They said they were starting at 7 sharp...that was a lie so we stood around for a while before the race. 

Once things got going it was really fun though. Basically they take a full marathon and divide it into five sections. Each runner does a leg and then you can say you did a marathon without actually having to do it. 

Photo credits go to Troy Boy. 
 I was the third runner on my team. So grateful that I wasn't the last person to go. It got quite warm once things got going. 

You're right, this is a great picture of me.
I had set a goal for myself to finish in 50 minutes. But, because I'm awesome, I did it in 48. Speed demon right? 

Overall our teams were pretty great. We didn't win. In fact they were already giving out the awards before our last people were even back yet but it was still a fun experience. Troy did catch that hilarious looking monkey for me while they were throwing out prizes though...thus we were the real winners. 


evyan stuart said...

So proud of you!!! love you. x

Kate said...

wow half marathon! I love reading your blog updates. Keep it up!