Sunday, July 17, 2011

4th fun...Part I

Anybody who religiously follows blogs has probably read all the 4th of July posts...or so you thought! We decided to hold off just a little longer on reporting about our holiday weekend simply because, well, we went up to Rexburg Idaho. Just to educate those who have never been up to the biggest little city in Idaho I am including a map of Rexburg in this post:

Now you may be asking yourself if this is a legit map. Well, I got it off Google Maps, so it most certainly is.

Rexburg is just a ton of nothing with four main roads that form a square (in talking to people from Rexburg I have since found out that there are actually only two main roads. Seriously?!)

Our reason for going up is because my sister Corinne went through the temple for the first time. She is heading on a mission to BRASIL!! I'm super excited for that. Anyways, we went up there to join her in that occasion. 

In front of the Rexburg temple

It was nice being able to spend time with family. The next day we went on down to Logan for the fireworks show there. All the family from the surrounding area was there. The fireworks ended late and anybody who knows me knows that I cannot stay up late. We lucked out and found a room in Logan so that we could head back down to Provo.

Olivia and Corinne were able to come down and join us for the weekend in Provo. We always think that there is not a ton to do in Provo, but my sisters reminded us that they are coming from Rexburg. We really enjoyed spending time with them and are glad that they came down, even if they had to ride back up north with complete strangers.

Also, the Next Food Network Star is on, so we are going to break this bad boy into two parts. Stay tuned. 

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