Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Promise To Return...

Pop Quiz!!

The lack of blog updates from us means that…

a.     We got a dog and are now too busy throwing tennis balls that we no longer have time for anything else.
b.     We decided we hate technology and have shunned all forms of social media.
c.      I got a new job.
d.     None of the above, we’re just lazy.

If you went to high school in America then you’ll know the answer is always C. Duh.

That’s right people of the blog world, I have a job. A full time job actually. Which apparently takes up more time than not having a job. Go figure.

I’m working at a law office that is actually three different companies in one. There is a financing company, an asset protection company and an actual law office. Just try to figure out how they all mesh together; it’s quite the puzzle. I’ve actually really liked it so far though. I’ve been there since April but due to the blogging hiatus you might not have known that. So I’m basically a law genius now. What, you want to set up an LLC? Yeah I can do that for you, no problem. And yes, I’ll even get the EIN for you.

And because no blog is complete without a photo, here is evidence that I am not lying.

Surprise, it’s my desk!

In conclusion, yay for having a job but boo for ditching the blog. Therefore, I hereby resolve to do better and still do fun things even though my life is slowly being consumed by pleadings, holding companies, and blueprints.

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