Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get me some ginkgo biloba

This may seem confusing but stick with me through this. 

In high school all my friends and I had a livejournal. (“El Jay” if you were cool). We were really good at it. We would all post at least every day, sometimes up to 5 times a day but we won’t get into that. Occasionally I still like to go back and look at my livejournal account. I didn’t keep a handwritten journal at the time but this website has a pretty good history of my life on it.

Fast forward to present time. I love my car. That car has been with me for years. First car I ever drove. Learned to drive in it, had my first accident in it, took it to college. The whole sha-bang. Sadly, the car is getting old now though. He's loosing some paint up top and getting wide around the middle. But the real bummer is the fact that my fog lights turn themselves on. Its gotten to the point that the only time they turn off now is when I turn on my left blinker. I found out about this because my car battery would constantly die due to the lights turning themselves on. I now have to leave my blinker on while the car is off in hopes of maintaining some semblance of battery life. 

Fast forward to today. I was at work and I thought about a specific time I went to the movies with some friends. I remember thinking I would never forget that movie but alas, I have forgotten. I can’t even remember what it was about. The only things I remember are the year and the company that I was with. So of course, I can’t stop thinking out what movie it could've been. So I turned to the livejournal in hopes of finding out.

While reading through some old entries, I stumbled upon this piece of literature from September 18, 2004. (I hope you enjoy the high school writing style)

“ok so yesterday my car battery died while I was at school so there was no getting home for Ms. Alex. Durham and I had to wait for mi madre to come and pick us up. Then we had to get Matt and drop him off at this bowling thing then get Kritter then take Durham home so then of course I missed guitar. Its ok that I missed it though because I already know my song so now he won’t freak out when I actually know what I am doing since he gave me 2 weeks…if that makes any sense.

So then when my dad came home we went and jumped my dear car and got it home. At home, we pulled some stuff apart and took out the battery and such and brought the battery to Auto Zone…(get in the zone…AUTO ZONE!!...yes that Auto Zone) they charged up my battery while my dad and I went to Subway. We got the battery back and put it in the car and it worked. But I do have a short in my ‘lights wand’ so that my fog lights randomly come on so I have to watch that”

The wiser version of myself. With my best friend...who remains my best friend. So lucky

16 year old version of myself, thank you for trying to help adult version of myself. You are so wise. Unfortunately, adult version didn't even remember that. I remember the car breaking down, but not the helpful warning. Go figure. 


Kate said...

Sweet! Good job helping yourself out with that! Hey my family's (like siblings etc) are going to Doheney this coming week (Mon-Fri) it'd be so fun to see you guys there again. It's so so last minute but I was just thinking about how fun it was to see your family there last time :)
So just in case- you should come.

Kylie said...

Oh my gosh...I remember live journal! And I totally remember that day! I've got to go back and check mine.