Sunday, January 23, 2011

Every night is date night when you live with your best friend.

People often wonder...what does a Saturday night look like at the Treanor household? Well, wonder no longer my friends. 

First up, a trip to the Cocoa Bean, where we bought one of every flavor of cupcake. Apparently when you buy that many, they give you one for free. Thus, the doubles of Raspberry Chocolate Cream Cheese (yeah, raspberry, chocolate, AND cream cheese together. I know right?)

Next up, a little roulette. We played until Troy broke the bank by winning ALL the chips we own. If I was a gambling woman I'd say its about time he gets released into a real casino. Want to challenge him? Just let me know. I'll buy a big bag of Skittles to bet with and let the games begin. 


Kara said...

We've never played roulette but we like Texas Holdem... if you're ever in the skittles gambling mood, just give us a holler!

Dallin and Janelle Lewis said...

I just found your blog!
I was friends with Troy in high school, and I found you guys through Sarah and Adam's blog.
I'm sad I haven't met you, Alex! you guys look great together.