Saturday, January 22, 2011


One of my goals this year was to work out at least 4 times a week.  Doesn't sound too hard, but secretly I just wanted to have a resolution that I thought I could actually keep for a whole year so hopefully was it.

So far I've been really good about it. I have done my Pilates like clockwork. However, I tend to get bored pretty easy and after three weeks of Pilates I thought I should switch it up. Since its still freezing enough outside that I didn't want to go running, I tried looking for another alternative.

 Enter Nike Training Club app

Ever since Troy got his new iPhone, we've been having a good time browsing through some of the apps available. I found this bad boy and got it on my iPod. Yesterday I  thought I would actually try one of these workouts. I flipped through some of the options and they didn't look too hard. I actually thought I might have to do something else on top of this because I would feel like I was cheating on my resolution. 

I was wrong. 

Lets just say about ten minutes in I was already gasping for air...on the beginner level, mind you. I finished the thirty minute workout and my legs were shaking. I was sore ALL day yesterday. From a 30 minute iPod work out! Ridiculous. Last night I kept waking up in my sleep because it now takes a conscious effort just to turn over or move my legs at all. I feel like a complete grandma. Troy had to literally help me get out of bed this morning. 

The point is, if you want a good work out and own an iPod...this will definitely do the trick. I highly recommend it. 

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Jesica said...

Hey - I have this app too. And it is the BIGGEST BOOTY KICKER EVER! But I love, love, love it.