Thursday, January 20, 2011

Speed Racer

I love my car. I really do. We go way back. It's a funny looking thing, but at least its my funny looking thing. That car has served me well. However, that car likes the sun (Can you see the resemblance?).  Poor car just does not do well in the cold. My lovely husband does his best to make us both feel better about the fact that we live in freezing temperatures, but sometimes the car just can't take it. 

For the past few weeks, my car battery has been dead. We didn't want to replace it before the holidays because we knew it would just sit there for a week while we were gone and would probably die again. Thus, last Saturday Troy spent the morning replacing my battery for me. (What would I do without him yeah?) This week I've been driving EVERYWHERE. It's like I just got my license again. I've done so many errands and been infinitely more productive. In fact, the Social Security office even knows I'm a Treanor now. 

Today I was heading to Target to get some organizational things...since I'm finally unpacking our room (we've only been married 8 months, thats not too bad right?). I was making a right turn when I noticed my car was getting pushed forward. Quite the strange feeling. I was braking for the light and managed to slow down enough to turn but once I straightened out, off I went. My car just kept accelerating. Luckily, no one was in front of me and I managed to pull off the road into some neighborhood. I pushed the brake super hard and the car stopped so I threw it in park (Was that the right thing to do? I don't even know). My car was parked and the engine was STILL revving. Like loud revving. So I just turned it off. 

I called Troy and he knew what it was immediately. He asked me something about a throttle line but then just decided to come see for himself. I don't know how he knew what it was but thankfully, my car worked fine for the rest of the day. I decided it was my car's way of telling me its time to be warm again. Which I agree with. Just a few more months little buddy.

In other news...

...I'm now an official graduate of BYU!

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