Monday, January 17, 2011

feliz cumpleanos a ti...

Troy Boy turned 25* last week. I got up extra early to try to surprise him with some French Toast, but I'm starting to believe I'll never be able to surprise him the morning. He gets up so early. I was already cooking the French Toast before he woke up though so it still counts right?

After breakfast and presents, Troy was off to work while I attempted to make a cake (my first cake I've ever made that didn't originate froma box). After work, we got some sushi for dinner, his personal fave. We really love our sushi place. I don't think we'll ever find a better place. After dinner we headed home for cake.

Mike and Mandy came over to celebrate with us. They got to stay for a while since Leanna was with a babysitter. We missed seeing her but it was nice to get to catch up with them!

Overall I think it was a pretty fun day. Also, Troy got a Jetboil so be expecting lots of camping trips this summer. Hopefully I'll become a better camper one day.

Happy birthday Monk! I love thee super much!

*25 = a quarter century, just saying.

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