Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Friendly Reminder

Troy and I don't plan on living in Utah forever but occasionally we have those days where we're reminded that we definitely should not permanently reside in here. Yesterday was that kind of day.

For starters, I spent the morning looking up beignet, gumbo, and jambalaya recipes. I finally decided on a Cajun Crawfish and Shrimp Etouffe recipe for dinner. I knew crawfish would be tough around here so I was already set on just doing shirmp. However, apparently grocery stores in Utah are not sufficiently stocked for about half the ingredients in a Cajun recipe. Strike one.

Next, Troy wore his "Mardi Gras" shoes to work.

Go figure that all the big bosses who run his company decided to show up yesterday as well. He spent the whole day trying to hide his feet so as not to confuse people into thinking he always dresses that way.  Strike two.

Finally, I made cupcakes since I couldn't make a festive dinner.

While they may look like your average cupcakes, don't be fooled. These are special cupcakes. 

Special Mardi Gras  cupcakes. We brought some down to Neen and Jon who thankfully understand Troy and I. However, we also brought some to another couple in our ward.  They looked at us like we were crazy. Strike three. 

Apparently while Troy and I were busy incorporating some Louisiana into our day, the rest of Utah was completely oblivious to the fact that yesterday was supposed to be the greatest party day of the year. The ward may think we're odd but at least they got free cupcakes out of the deal right?


Jeannine said...

We greatly appreciated your bringing a little Louisiana into our day! It was awesome. And I'm pretty sure I want to make cupcakes with jello from now on. MUCHAS gracias!

Jessica Morgan said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! and I love the shoes. seriously.

shana said...

We were looking at your blog today and Alex had a comment for you. . . "I really like your cupcakes. I like how they look. That's all." Love Alex

And I REALLY like the shoes! That made me laugh out loud!!!!