Friday, March 18, 2011

The Tale of the Lumpy Mattress

So let's go back in time together. Close your eyes for a second because this is going to be an epic field trip...

For the first few weeks of our marriage we slept on a queen sized air mattress. Now it was actually a pretty good mattress for us. We purchased a memory foam topper figuring we we throw that on top of the real mattress that we would eventually get.

In the meantime we were shopping. We went just about everywhere looking for a good mattress that would suit us perfectly, but also in the
hopes that it would not break the bank.

We finally found one that we liked at Macy's and got all set up to purchase it and have it delivered. The only down side to it was that it was a little pricey.

The following day at work I was talking with some co-workers about the purchase we had made the previous day. One guy mentioned that he had recently purchased a mattress for about half of the price that we had found ours for. So we cancelled the order. Looking back, I would say BIG MISTAKE.

It was almost as if the signs were warning us against switching our minds from the get go.

First of the name of the place to get the cheaper mattress is Furnish It. Yes, you got that right, Furnish It. It's really a place, here's the link to prove it.

Anyways did you get it yet?! Just think about the name a few times if you feel like you are missing out on something, I have faith that you'll catch on.

Anyways, we showed up to this place at mid day and walked in. it's a huge warehouse in the location of an old snuggle bag factory or something. We were walking around the place and realized there was nobody there. We could have walked out with thousands of dollars worth of furniture (well, as least thousands according to the prices marked...I'm not sure anything is actually worth what they have it marked down as there. I'll remind you that the name is FurniSh it).

We tried out all the mattresses that they had, and still nobody showed up. We even yelled at the top of our lungs for people, and didn't
get an answer. Finally after about 15-20 minutes this guy came from some back room that I swear I had checked. We ended up getting the mattress and it was delivered that same day.

Now let's flash forward to today.

Now we used the ironing board to illustrate how lumpy the bed has become. You can see the two distinct areas where we sleep and the high area in the middle. Yes, I know that I am overweight, but I also know that my wife is itty-bitty, so there is no way that you can blame her side on weight. This mattress is just crappy. Try snuggling on something like that. It's pretty hard having to get over the hump in the middle.

Anyways, I am about ready to get rid of it because even though it doesn't look like much of a dent in the picture, let me remind you that there is no body there to weigh it down further, because it goes down a lot further than that.

Moral of the story, just buy from a legit place. You can still find bargains at big name chains.


Jathan and Heather said...

me encanta!!! bien chistoso lo que les ha pasado!

Olivia said...

haha i'm pretty sure i slept on it diagonal/ sideways to compensate for the lumpiness.

Jessica Morgan said...

oh man. Wish I could have talked to you before you bought that. Some of the best advice we got from our wedding was, "make sure you get a good mattress"

Are there any RC Willy's around? we got ours for a good deal there.

amanda byington said...

That is awful! We got our mattress at costco, we also invested in a $100 memory foam topper and it is wonderful. I highly recommend it! The topper might be a good idea, flip the mattress and add the topper, it will be like a brand new bed promise :)

Julie said...

We bought our cheaper mattress at Sams Club & it sucks. Really sucks. Go for the real deal. I swear the cheaper deals are for a reason.