Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to spend a perfect Saturday

Well within the last week I both scored my dream job and got laid off from my dream job. Curse you budget cuts. Thats life when you work for a nonprofit organization though huh? We decided to make this weekend extra fun to make up for the huge bummer.

Saturday morning I had an orientation at the Humane Society of Utah. Since I can't own a dog, I figured I would at least go play with dogs that are looking for homes to make their day a little better. I'm so excited to start volunteering there. I already can tell I'll have a couple favorites. (I may or may not have started looking at different apartments just so we could add a four-legged friend to our family.)

This is my new buddy. Her name is Paula and she is about a year old. I want her to be ours but as long as she gets a happy home I'll be loving life. She is a super smiler and so happy. Just try to tell me you aren't falling in love.

After our adventures there we headed up to Salt Lake and walked around the Gateway. Apple store...check. Sports store...check. Forever did that happen? I do not know. 

We did stop at Z Gallerie though. Love that store. We had a particularly good time playing with these. Probably spent a good ten minutes bonding with the magnifying glasses. We're mature adults. 

After a quick nap on the side of the road we went to...The Melting Pot. Words cannot even describe. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, not that you're surprised by that fact. It was probably one of the best meals of my life. I'm sold on the fondue idea. We had a cheese sauce with bread, apples, and veggies. Salad. Lobster. Chicken. Steak. Duck. Shrimp. Ravioli. More Steak. And then there was the chocolate....oh boy the chocolate. 

We stopped at REI on the way home and spent a good hour and a half just wandering around. We are big fans of that store. We'll see if I'm still a fan when we have to wake up super early for the garage sale they have though. 

It was honestly a perfect day. No lie.

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Jessica Morgan said...

She is adorable. She kind of reminds me of Pito. I totally understand the wanting a dog thing. Once we are in a house, the first thing I will get is a dog.